The firm / Mission, vision, values



SFME was conceived by experienced lawyers coming from large and reputable law firms who believed in a better way of practicing business law, with the support of a relatively small, agile and dynamic structure.

Thus, SFME is today a reference in the field of energy and other areas, offering practical, creative and innovative solutions, creating value and contributing to the success of its clients. Its lean structure allows for competitive rates and facilitates communication between teams and with the client. The teams are highly specialized in several areas of business law. They are composed of lawyers who have a commercial vision and are able to act in operations from the simplest to the most complex, with excellence. SFME clients are Brazilian and multinational companies that seek new, more collaborative and efficient advocacy. They are clients who wish to speak directly with the partner, throughout the works, and wish to be treated in a special way.


To remain a reference in the segments in which it operates, mainly in the sectors of energy, tax law and conflict resolution.


Our professionals act in the light of the following values:

  • Transparency in communication with the client;
  • Ethics and integrity in the relationship with clients, employees and third parties;
  • Team spirit, collaboration and co-responsibility;
  • Excellence – to provide services with efficiency and quality, exceeding the expectations of its clients;
  • Continuous training of lawyers;
  • Commitment of partners and employees to the organization’s objectives.



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