• News  |  20/07/2017

    AFRMM benefit extended

    The extension of the exemption of the Additional to Freight for Renewal of the Merchant Navy (AFRMM) on goods whose origin or final destination is located in ports of the […]

  • News  |  20/07/2017

    Brazil Russia Tax treaty – Legislative Decree NO. 80/2017

    By means of the Legislative Decree no. 80, published in May 26th 2017, Brazilian National Congress has approved the text of the Convention signed between the Federative Republic of Brazil […]

  • News  |  20/07/2017

    Insurance and freight are not subject to transfer pricing rules

    The Federal Tax Administrative Court of Appeals (“Câmara Superior de Recursos Fiscais do CARF”), by means of a decision issued in connection with the Administrative Proceeding no. 16327.001448/2006-00, has ruled […]

  • News  |  20/07/2017

    Decree aims to simplify and rationalize access to public services

    Fotógrafo: Maurício Porão (RJ). On December 18, Decree No. 9,094 was published, seeking to simplify and rationalize user access to public services. Among the measures are those that, by regulating […]

  • News  |  20/07/2017

    Labour reform has been approved

    Law No. 13,476, published on 07.07.2017, brought significant changes to labour legislation. The main ones are as follows: creation of the intermittent contract, by which it is possible to hire […]

  • News  |  19/06/2017

    The partner Julia Mota provide a web lecture to 66 UK companies

    The partner Julia Mota provide a web lecture to 66 UK companies on “Working with Petrobras: How can UK companies prepare to participate in international & local tenders” on Jun […]

  • News  |  19/06/2017

    Witholding Income Tax

    The Coordenação Geral de Tributação – COSIT, Federal Revenue Service – RFB, issued the Discrepancy Solution no. 18, of March, 27th. 2017, changing the former Discrepancy Solution no. 27, of […]

  • News  |  19/06/2017

    Paris Convention on Climate Change

    The Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was promulgated through Decree 9,073 of June 5, 2017. The agreement aims to strengthen the global response to […]

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