Conflict Resolution

With over 30 years of experience in civil litigation, knowing the business needs of its customers, the specialized team of SFME is prepared to provide strategic solutions to any dispute. The interaction of this team with other areas of the Office facilitates the analysis of customer problems and the decision on the best resolution solution.

With outstanding performance in litigation, both judicial and administrative, SFME operates throughout the country with a network of correspondents. The importance and complexity of the causes conducted by the Office led to the formation of an experienced team, able to face any challenge brought by its customers, including transnational causes.

The SFME also has extensive experience in alternative means of dispute resolution and ADRs, which are increasingly being used for the composition of conflicts of interest that require quick and efficient resolution. The firm has a tradition in the strategic conduct of arbitration proceedings, with its partners responsible for this area listed in the list of arbitrators of some of the major arbitration institutions in the country. The lawyers of SFME also play a technical and strategic role in mediation, guiding customers to opt for this method when possible, reducing considerably the waiting time for impasse definition and the high costs of legal proceedings, as well as acting as mediators.


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